Saturday, 24 April 2010

outdoors sketching

Overtoun House. fountain pen (Rotring ArtPen M & EF lovely pens!).

tree stump, charcoal (vine charcoal, Conte 2B Charcoal pencil, Conte Sanguine pencil)

I'm much more used to drawing still life from photographs, but today I got outside with the aim of drawing something. Both drawings were a bit harder because I had to hold the paper awkwardly. The building was a lot more complex than I thought when I started, it was gettingn cold too so I think I was beginning to rush things towards the end. The tree stump - I'm not even sure if it's recognisable as that, I find it hard to draw things like this that are complex but without any real recognisable shape, like drawing rocks and things. I guess it's good practice at drawing exactly what I am seeing.

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