Tuesday, 11 May 2010

life drawing 11/05/2010

Life drawing again this week, and I don't think it went as good as last week. As usual we started off with some 1 minute poses, and then a lot of 30 second poses. I experimented this week with using some thick charcoal sticks on their edge to get quick broad strokes, and then a bit of finger blending if I had time. I quite like how some of these turned out (wel, for 30 second sketches anyway! :)

Then I think the rest of the time we spend on 20 - 30 minute poses. I tried a few different things but I wasn't too happy with the proportions and layout.

On the plus side, the light seemed a bit better tonight, a lot of the time I'm finding it difficult to see shadows and tone on the models body but it seemed a bit clearer tonight.

Mostly charcoal with a bit of chalk on the sitting pose.

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